Friday, 7 February 2014

GCSE and Alevel reforms

Here is a summary of the current state of affairs with new MFL GCSEs and Alevels thanks to a meeting with Judith Rowlands, Head of MFL at AQA.

New GCSEs:

  • Four equally weighted (25%) final exams as a 2 year linear course
  • No controlled assessment.
  • New grading system – 1-9 with 9 being the highest available grade.
  • All exams will be externally marked – final speaking conducted by teachers as it used to be in the previous spec
  • Decision on whether the new spec will be tiered will be part of the Ofqual consultation coming very shortly.  AQA put forward very strong argument to DfE and Ofqual for tiering in Languages, particularly for Listening, Reading and Writing
  • Translation (E into TL & TL into E) will be assessed
  • Literature will be part of the new content
  • New specification and specimen papers will be with schools in Autumn 2015 ready for first teaching from Sept 2016

Link below to consultation document, for information.

 New A levels:

  • ALCAB (A level Content Advisory Board) is a panel of subject academics ( and is currently drafting the new content for Languages and Maths.
  • A level will be 2 year linear course with all assessment at the end of Year 2. AS is a standalone qualification at the same standard as the current AS which will not count towards the A level result.
  • New AS will need to be co-teachable with new A level but students who sit the new AS in year 1 cannot count this assessment towards their  A level result .
  • New specification and specimen materials will be with schools in Autumn 2015 ready for first teaching from Sept 2016

If you are with AQA you can sign up for the email updates  including when the consultations are published.  

Important proviso: Changes still possible as the DfE response to the consultation has not been published!

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