Tuesday, 7 October 2014

AS and A level changes and suggested changes

Sources: ALCAB report on Modern Languages and DfE "Modern Languages GCE Subject Content"

As and A Level Changes and Suggested Changes

Changes to GCSEs in MFL (from Sept 2016)

(Sources: Ofqual and DfE)
  • all four skills weighted 25%
  • all exams are final
  • Higher and Foundation tiers for all four exams (including writing and speaking)
  • either Higher OR Foundation for all four exams (no mix and match)
  • all exams to be marked by exam boards
  • speaking exams are final “non-exam assessments” which means that they are not all at the same time but during an exam period (same as oral exams for Alevel and as the previous speaking exams)
  • Translation (from English-TL and TL-English) will be part of the Reading/Writing exam at Higher AND Foundation
  • Listening: 20-30% questions in TL
  • Reading: 30-40% questions in TL (adapted literary texts will be included)
  • New Topic areas: 
         1. Identity and culture
         2. Local, national, international and global areas of interest 
         3. Current and future study and employment

Current Year 8s will be the first to start the new GCSEs in Sept 2016 and sit the new GCSE exams in June 2018

Thursday, 2 October 2014

FREE CPD courses for the new KS2 curriculum

Sign up to our 2 new FREE primary languages courses - one for Subject Leaders and one for class teachers (Y3-6). Courses run from November - March, are accessible online and all training sessions are scheduled as twilights (4-5pm) except for the subject leader launch conference. There is a big focus on progression and assessment with clear reference to the new KS2 curriculum for languages AND English.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Going Places with Languages on #EDL2014

We had a fabulous #EuropeanDayofLanguages week culminating in our second Going Places with Languages Year 11 Careers Conference. Thank you to our partners, the European Commission (via VC from Brussels), COMTEC Translations, SIEMENS and the University of Birmingham!


Sunday, 14 September 2014

FREE primary MFL training courses

We successfully bid for funding from the Department for Education in partnership with Howes Primary School and Warwick University last June to plan, resource and deliver two CPD programmes: One for primary subject leaders and one for class teachers, both to meet the demands of the new KS2 curriculum in MFL comprehensively and systematically covering the age related expectations by skill and year group. Have a look and sign up here!