Friday, 1 July 2011

Languages've got the X-factor!

Over 70 students from Years 4, 5 and 6 from Mount Nod, Parkhill, Wyken Croft and Leigh Primary schools joined our Year 10 Fast track French girls in workshops on French music which culminated in an X-factor session where students voted for their favourite French music video.


  1. To the Year 10 X-Factor student 'teachers'
    Well done girls - you did a great job! Your lessons were really well organised and a lot of fun. Park Hill pupils and staff had a brilliant morning. Bravo!
    Mrs Bollands

  2. An outstanding contribution from the Y10s and thanks to all THW and Primary staff for helping to organise the event - looks like you had great fun!

    Mr Brady

  3. Looks as if it was a fun project to do! Great to see older secondary pupils taking a lead on something like this. I ran a Sing Up funded transition project here in Derby but only our yr 7s were involved. Using yr 10s is a great idea.